By Anthony Martinelli

Among California’s bustling marijuana industry, you’ll find a wide variety of marijuana edibles. But when you want the very best – natural, top-notch products – nothing beats Kushy Punch!

Kushy Punch edibles are among the top selling edibles in all of California, despite being introduced just 3.5 years ago. Given the company’s quality products and increasingly pristine reputation, it comes as no surprise. Kushy Punch edibles are completely safe from harsh chemicals, and made using a unique method that doesn’t use starch molds or drying tunnels. Their edibles are potent, portable and crafted by professional confectionery chefs, giving them a superb quality and taste. They come in several delicious flavors such as strawberry, plum and tropical punch.

Kushy Punch’s line of medicated gummies come in five different varieties and potencies: Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Recover (THC+CBD), and Kushy CBD (CBD gummies). All of their gummies are made with the terpenes inside to give the consumer a more superior experience than you will find with other edible companies.

Impressively, Kushy Punch products are located in over 1,200 dispensaries in California, and will soon will be expanding into Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona. You can find a list of dispensaries carrying their products by clicking here.

In addition to gummies, Kushy Punch recently Launched KushyVape, a line of vape pen products. For these products, they start with 95% pure THC and add terpenes to reconstitute a SATIVA, INDICA or HYBRID variety. They never use any cutting agents like PG, VG, PEG. They also have disposables that are also made with 95% THC oil and terpenes. Their cartridges are top flow meaning people get the biggest hits – almost like dabbing.

Kushy Punch also just launched Private Reserve, described as “a new method of using clear 90% THC oil and adding the terpenoids back in to reconstituted oil that is as close to perfection as can be.” They use oil that “enthusiasts use to dab within our edible to give it a special head high that we haven’t been able to find anywhere else on the market.”

If you’re someone who’s looking for CBD gummies, Kushy Punch has you covered! They just increased the CBD content in their gummies from 60mg to 100mg while keeping the cost the same to the public. They , described as “a new portal where the public can order our CBD gummies online without having to go through a collective”. Consumers can purchase either small amounts, or even full cases.

Community outreach programs

One of the core values at Kushy Punch is the promotion of health and wellness for both the local and global community. Kushy Punch has held food charity programs that have helped to feed over 1800 families in recent years and aims to feed over 5000 families for thanksgiving this year.

Kushy Punch has not stopped at charitable food donations. In the near future the team at Kushy Punch plans to conduct a large scale reforestation project where they plan on purchasing 500 acres of land to plant new trees. This is an interesting project for a cannabis edible company to take on, but all the power to them! Big ups!

For more information on Kushy Punch and the products they offer, visit their website by clicking here.

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