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Here’s a useful list of the top 7 useful tips for vaping beginners

By Barbara M.

Vaporizers are one of the fastest growing entities in the world today. Popularity is accumulating swiftly, and the green rush has certainly contributed. By introducing a new, modern and healthier means of enjoying your Cannabis, vaporizers were bound to succeed. From the Volcano all those years ago to the newest high tech models like the Pax 3, vaporizers continue to blow us away. While I could spend all day telling you how brilliant vapes are, I will instead guide you from vaping newbie to expert.

Don’t Rush into Purchasing – Read Reviews

First off, you must decide on what vaporizer you plan to purchase. While the selection is continually growing, there are predominantly two kinds of vape available, Portable & Desktop. Desktop vapes are mains powered bulkier units which are known for their high quality vapor whereas portable vapes are usually battery powered devices designed for easy transportability and discretion. It is highly recommended to read reviews to make the decision process that little bit easier. Each vape has its pros and cons so weigh them up and make the call, you won’t be long forgetting the bongs or blunts and the smoke that accompanies them. After much deliberation, I found the Crafty to be my favorite portable vape while I found the Plenty to be top desktop.

Always sterilize your Unit before Use

It is extremely important when you purchase your vaporizer, that you sterilize it before you use it. While this may sound daunting, it isn’t. Simply turn your unit on to the highest heating setting and allow it a few minutes to do its thing. During manufacture, oils and residues can be left behind. By sterilizing your unit before use you allow the unit to evaporate these toxins away, ensuring only the cleanest, tastiest vapor reaches your mouth. The flavors produced are one of the biggest benefits to vaping, don’t jeopardise them by ignoring this simple step.

Ensure you Grind your Green Sufficiently

Each Vaporizer works to its best under different circumstances. One of these circumstances is how finely you grind your green. While some portable vaporizers appreciate a bulkier grind, others require a fine sand like texture for optimum vapor production. Grab yourself a good quality grinder and work according to what your vaporizer requires. As we all know, Marijuana can come in with different characteristics, some is dry, some is damp. There is numerous reliable articles online about vaping temperatures for cannabis consistency. Have a look or have a play around and find out for yourself.

Long, Slow Draws – Best Results

While you may be used to the fast, powerful hits from your favorite bong, vaporizers are very different. To achieve the greatest results from your vaporizer try to take long, exaggerated draws. By doing this, you prevent the temperature in the chamber from dropping, allow the vapor production to be at its maximum while also preventing yourself from inhaling any break away fragments of weed through your mouthpiece. While this technique may take some practice getting used to, once you’ve mastered it you will quickly realise why it is such an important aspect of vaping.

Be Patient – Rome wasn’t Built in a Day

Like with most good things, vaping takes getting used to. Try not to revert straight back to your unhealthy smoking habits, as things will get easier. We all know the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same applies to vaping. While it can be frustrating at times trying new things, vaping is certain to pay off. Some vaporizers like the Crafty, have mobile Apps for all its settings. Once you find your favorites temperature and settings it only leaves you finding your favorite chair! Since vaporizers can activate up to 20% more THC than smoking, you might get stuck there.

Take Good Care of your Vaporizer

Probably the most important tip I can give you is to take good care of your vaporizer. Like anything else, it is imperative to keep your vaporizer clean. Over time residue will begin to build up, leaving the vaporpath and unit itself tainted. While this can lead to short term problems such as poor quality flavors or vapor it is the long term issues which are the real trouble. By ignoring the upkeep or cleanliness of your vape you threaten the longevity of the device. If choosing a device like the Crafty or Plenty, you are sure to have a vape for life if you look after it. Storz & Bickel are world renowned for their high quality products, and for good reason.

While vaping may not be as straightforward as a click of a lighter or the strike of a match, the benefits are unquestionable. While you will use significantly less weed, you will be getting clearer, cleaner highs and big money savings to match. The constant introduction of new vapes to the market is ensuring that the once too expensive units are now readily affordable. Like I said earlier, the vapes I would recommend are the Crafty & Plenty, however, it is up to you to decide what vaporizer ticks the most boxes for you.

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