“I have seen firsthand what happens when you don’t start small. The vomiting and disorientation,” said Wayward Bill, a cannabis tour guide for Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours.

Wayward Bill deals with the problem of over-consumption of cannabis products on a regular basis. With tourists and visitors coming from around the country to be immersed in the great cannabis culture of Colorado, it is important to remember that most of the country is not so experienced with cannabis.

National polls show that not only are people in favor of legalizing cannabis, but that many have used it themselves. This is especially important when it comes to professionally made edibles and concentrates; cannabis products that are not as available in states where cannabis is still illegal. Even pets are thrown into the mix.

“I have a friend visiting from out of town [who] came home this afternoon to find a dog [that] had just finished a 100 mg edible and is now very, very stoned,” Matt Brown, co-founder of My 420 Tours, told THC. “He’s drooling a ton, super dizzy. I feel bad for him. Not like ‘my dog is going to die,’ but more like a parent of an infant that gets the flu.”

This article was originally published by The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine as Skyler Cannabaceae.