By Anthony Martinelli

Cannabidiol (CBD) was found to be an effective treatment for epidermolysis bullosa in a study published by the journal Pediatric Dermatology.

“Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare blistering skin disorder that is challenging to manage because skin fragility and repeated wound healing cause itching, pain, limited mobility, and recurrent infections”, states the study’s abstract. “Cannabidiol, an active cannabinoid found in cannabis, is postulated to have antiinflammatory and analgesic effects.”

Researchers “report 3 cases of self-initiated topical cannabidiol use in patients with epidermolysis bullosa in an observational study”. One patient “was weaned completely off oral opioid analgesics, and all three “reported faster wound healing, less blistering, and amelioration of pain with cannabidiol use.”

The study states that “Although these results demonstrate promise, further randomized, double-blind clinical trials are necessary to provide scientific evidence of our observed benefits of cannabidiol for the treatment of epidermolysis bullosa.”

More information on this study, conducted by researchers at West Virginia University and Standford University, can be found by clicking here.

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