A poll released by Quinnipiac University Monday indicates that voters in Iowa are strongly in favor of allowing medical cannabis use in their state when recommended by a doctor. Conducted from March 5-10, the university questioned 1,411 registered voters about whether they support or oppose allowing adults to use cannabis for medical purposes.

The survey found that an overwhelming 81% support medical cannabis. When broken down, the lowest level of support across party lines, genders and age groups was Republicans with 68% support. The highest approval comes from Democrats with 89% in favor; Independents were slightly lower at 82% support.

On the other hand, Iowans oppose allowing recreational use by adults. According to the poll, 55% oppose cannabis for personal use, while 41% think it should be allowed. Other questions show what Iowans think of The Great Cannabis Experiment in Colorado with a 54-28% saying that they think it has hurt Colorado’s national image.

(Source: Quinnipiac University)