Kitchen before class

I attended a cooking class that is part of the My 420 Tours normal stops. Met some cool people, had a fun time. Here are some pictures and videos.

Chef Blaine Alexandr

Chef Blaine Alexandr taught the class. He explained how he infuses the honey we were using. It involves sitting for 72 hours, so it was made in advance.

Attendees readying ingredients

Making infused trail mix

The first thing we learned to make is infused trail mix. All of the ingredients were laid out on the table for us.  

Espresso chocolate being melted
This chocolate was being melted for a truffle recipe. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the truffles were made, but below is a video of how the chocolate was looking after being heated and infused with cannabis.
My thanks to Matt Brown and My 420 Tours for the invite. I had a good time.