By Erica McBride

Advocacy, Education and Messaging. These crucial and focused approaches, in addition to an understanding of the legislative process, are the stepping stones on the path towards seeing Industrial Hemp Legislation passed in this session of Congress.

We at NHA work every day towards that goal on behalf of our members – through one on one approaches and discussions with Congressional Members, their staff and with Committee staff. We have listened to their concerns and responded with the facts – what the potential is with Industrial Hemp – for farmers, manufacturers and consumers.

We have been able to reinforce our messaging in partnership with stakeholders like the US Hemp Roundtable. Together we have positioned ourselves as the voice of our industry in Washington. We are making significant progress in moving both HR3530 (The Industrial Hemp Farming ACT) and amendments to the current Farm Bill (Section 7606). Although nothing in DC is assured these days, I am confident that by this time next year there will be federal authorization of the Industrial Hemp Crop.

I gave opening remarks at the inaugural “Athletes for CARE” workshop at CWCBExpo in Boston. CWCBExpo has gone out of their way to support Industrial Hemp over the last number of years.

CWCBExpo provides the perfect platform – offering focused workshops, expert panel discussion and also exhibit space to advance advocacy to its attendees and media. It is so nice to see many NHA members, like Growers Supply, participating at their shows.

Athletes for C.A.R.E. (Cannabis Advocacy, Research and Education) is the coming together of a group of former professional athletes representing the NFL, NHL, MMA and other extreme sports. Their Ambassadors are some of the great names of sport. Their voices give real life credibility to our mission and their celebrity has the ability to raise the subject in a manner that would not be available to us mere mortals.

NFL Players Ebon Britton, Nate Jackson and NHL “enforcers’ Darrin McCarty and Riley Cote all know pain like their own family. And each have become very comfortable speaking about a lifestyle that incorporates Industrial Hemp CBD. Riley created the Hemp Heals Foundation that is a platform to educate on the nutritional benefits of foods enriched with hemp seed, protein and omega 3,6 and 9. Athletes for CARE is a force in our industry and their membership is no longer on the sidelines – they are ready to dig in and help our movement every step of the way.

NHA is pleased to acknowledge both CWCBExpo and Athletes for CARE for providing educational platforms towards improving awareness about this multi-billion dollar industry.

Next…. A social justice movement is created in support of industrial hemp farming…

Geoff Whaling
Chairman, National Hemp Association

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