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Snoop Dogg is one of the one of the most recognisable faces in the world of Cannabis. From his connection with the G pen vaporizers to his own range of flower and concentrates with Leaf’s by Snoop, Snoop knows his stuff when it comes to Mary Jane. While Snoop may have his hand in many green pies, he was yet to release a glassware range with his name on it; until recently. With the release of the Pounds range of premium glassware, Snoop, together with Famous Brandz, have entered the glassware market, with a Bang. The Pounds collection are not only gaining a reputable name for the high quality of their builds but also for the high tech level of percolation taking place inside them.

From the Battleship, with its honeycomb perc sandwiched between two turbines to the Spaceship, with its much smaller Inline ruffle percolator, the quality of percolation is excellent. As legalization begins to take pace, the quality of the buds we have access to are a much higher quality than the past. Along with the much stronger flower available today, we now have access to concentrated forms of Cannabis only seen in recent times. These concentrates are generally much more potent than the conventional flower and can come in a range of forms from waxes to oils. A whole new style of enjoying Cannabis has been developed in recent years, named dabbing, which involves the easy use of concentrates. Dab rigs are similar in shape and size to your average bong, however, instead of using a bowl, Dab rigs use a nail. Once the nail is heated the concentrate is dabbed onto the nail where it then vaporizes and enters the water pipe. It then travels through the body of the piece until it reaches the mouthpiece. In this article we will take a closer look at how the Spaceship Bong by Snoop Dogg’s Pounds is revolutionising the dabbing world.

The Spaceship

The Spaceship is the smallest member of the Pounds collection by Snoop Dogg. Coming in at a very small 6.5 inches, this is one of the most compact water pipes on the market. Designed entirely with dabbing in mind, the Spaceship comes with two different kinds of nail, a quartz bucket and a bubble dome & nail. As the Spaceship was designed with solely concentrates in mind, it is certainly more suited to the serious stoner among us.The Spaceship bong uses a small Inline ruffle percolator to cleanse and filter your smoke, ensuring only the smoothest rips reach your lungs. All of this is held together with 5mm thick borosilicate glass, and added positive for an already premium piece.


Percolators, in recent years, have become integral parts of the water pipe industry. While the style, size and shape of your percolator may vary, their overall use doesn’t change. Percolators are used to both filter and cool the smoke, as it travel towards the mouthpiece. The difference a percolator can make is sometimes underestimated, however the difference is definitely an issue. We have all felt the burn a dry bong or pipe can cause, that is how it makes such a difference. By using a percolator bong you are reducing the harshness in the smoke while ensuring only the smoothest hits reach your lungs. In the Spaceship Bong by Snoop Dogg’s Pounds the percolator is and Inline ruffle percolator. Inline percolators are very similar to downstems in terms of how it works. As the smoke enters the Inline percolator, it is separated through small openings where it is then spread throughout the water. By doing this, the smoke is cooled and the hits produced become much smoother. As the Spaceship Bong is considerably smaller than most dab rigs, its percolator is situated in a way which maximises the space available.

The Build

The quality of the build used in the Pounds collection by Snoop Dogg is what truly makes it a premium glassware range. Being its strongest attribute, the glass quality associated with the Pounds range is certainly gaining powerful reviews. As the entire Pounds range is built using 5mm thick borosilicate glass, the Spaceship Bong is no different. Easier than the others to transport, this perfectly sized Dab Rig is a pleasure to pass amongst friends. The weight and strength of the piece gives you peace of mind where others falter and it really is as easy as simply holding one to find out what the fuss about. By holding the Spaceship Bong, you can sense the quality of the design and build that went into it. It would appear that there are no weak points in the piece where the glass was joined, and it would seem the entire water pipe was formed the one piece of glass. An added bonus.

Overall, For Snoop Dogg to give it the green light, the Spaceship Bong had to be doing something right. I found the Spaceship bong to be very powerful for its size, its high quality build and it’s top notch percolation have together accumulated to create a truly impressive piece. The ergonomic mouthpiece is a welcome addition to a water pipe which is easily putting the norm firmly in the past. With the intricate designs displayed in the Spaceship Bong, you are certain to Blast off into space when you use this perfectly petite, premium Dab rig.

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