By Anthony Martinelli

By HerbTools

Not long ago I was looking to buy my first water pipe, I was really excited as I’d only used joints and the odd occasional metal pipe. I decided that I was going to find bongs for sale online as there was just way more selection and there was not really any local shops around where I lived. Besides, I would feel a little shy to enter one of these shops as I live in a small village and people talk a bit too much!

When I found an online shop my excitement turned to confusion as there was a lot more terminology than I had anticipated. Words such as percolators, diffusers and joint diameters were being mentioned an awful lot and after that there was a whole barrage of precoolers that seemed to be some sort of accessory for bongs.

I thought that the confusion was coming from this one shop so I checked out a couple more, and then I realised that there was a bit more to know about bongs than I had ever imagined. I ran a few searches on Google and I had to visit quite a few websites until I understood all of this stoner terminology. I did find one shop that was a little easier so I do recommend the newcomers to buy bongs at as that is who I used.

I thought it would be a neat idea to pass everything I learnt onto you guys in one nice article, so here it goes!

Definitions for bong accessories


These little gadgets are located inside the bong normally only on the glass ones. They both have the same aim and function which is to split the smoke several times creating more surface area for cooling of the smoke. The difference between them is that percolators are much more visible, larger and come in many different shapes.


These are basically little water jugs that hook into the bong where the bowl goes. There are 2 ideas behind this contraption, the first is extra water filtration to give you a cleaner and smoother smoke. The second idea is to keep your bong much cleaner as most of the tars are collected in the precooler before entering your bong.

After understanding all of this, I managed to buy a really awesome water pipe and I even got the additional precooler as I read they make a massive difference and are well worth the money. I hope you can now go forth and find your dream bong.

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