Have you ever wondered how the hundreds of strains of cannabis are created? Who is it that creates the different types of greenery with all the funny names? Driven individuals and companies strive to create the next big strain, the next award-winner, even the next disease cure. They are the cannabis breeders and consultants.

These mysterious cannabis experts stayed out of legal harm by congregating on chat boards during the ‘90s and many headed to Europe before that. Online communities helped cannabis pioneers share knowledge in hopes of making a better plant. As cannabis gains respect as a medicine, cannabis breeders and researchers join in knowledge and now industry.

Rare Dankness and Elite Cannabis, two such cannabis “genetics” companies, announced on July 24 that they will be joining forces to provide “premium products and services to the legal cannabis marketplace,” according to a press release.

The new company, known as Elite Dankness, will also bring in Kenneth Morrow, Founder of Trichome Technologies, and Green Man Cannabis, a Colorado cannabis dispensary chain. The release touts Morrow as the “author of more articles in High Times Magazine than any other contributor.” He will be acting as the company’s Chief Scientist.

This article was originally published by The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine as Skyler Cannabaceae.