Note: I created Do You Qualify to Work in the Colorado Cannabis Industry? (We’ll tell you without all the small print.) in March, 2014 for The Cannabis Salvation Blog when I was living in Denver. Since then, it has been the most viewed post on either site and receives clicks from Google searches every day. This new article updates what you need to know if you are looking for a Colorado marijuana industry job.


Colorado’s marijuana industry is the most robust in the country. After five years of a working medical marijuana  dispensary system and a year of adult-use retail, Colorado ganjapreneurs set the pace for the legal marijuana world.

If you dream of working in the marijuana industry, Colorado is where you go.

This article will tell you if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Support Occupational License. This license — often referred to as a Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) support badge — allows a person to work for a marijuana business. If you’re looking for jobs like budtender, grower, trimmer, extract artist, packager or even receptionist, you need an MED support badge before you can interview.

Do You Qualify?

Making sure that you won’t be disqualified can save you time and trouble. There are two types of red flags for processing a MED support license application; those that automatically disqualify you and those that you may be able to explain away.

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