New York Senator Liz Krueger has announced that she will soon file legislation aimed at legalizing recreational cannabis for those 21 and older. According to Krueger, she’ll push for the bill in the upcoming legislative session, which begins in January.

“I will push for taxation and regulation of marijuana,” said Krueger at a campaign rally for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. “I continue to work with experts around the country and to evaluate laws and regulations being put into place now.”

Krueger hopes her legislation, which will be modeled after legalization initiatives approved in 2012 in Colorado and Washington, will have added momentum from the state’s recent legalization of medical cannabis,.

“I knew we needed to move medical marijuana into law before people would focus on the bigger question – tax and regulation,” she said. “So I think my legislative proposal fits in very nicely with what the state has already committed to move forward with.”

Krueger hasn’t announced a specific date for when the proposal will be officially filed, though it will happen before the session begins in January.


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