By Anthony Martinelli

According to new polling a strong majority of Texas voters support legalizing cannabis for all uses.

The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, finds that 61% of voters in the state are in favor of ending cannabis prohibition, with 39% opposed. Democrats support the measure at a much higher rate – 69% – whereas Republican support is 50%, but still significant (43%). Among Independents, support was the same as for Democrats at 69%.

“Texans are not much different than voters in other parts of the country”, states a Quinnipiac University press release announcing the new survey. “They support almost 2-1 the idea of allowing small amounts of marijuana for personal use”.

The poll found that although men support legalization at a higher rate than women (65% are in favor with 31% opposed), women still support the move with a clear majority, 57% to 36%.

Among every age group only those 65+ oppose legalization (40% to 51%), with those 18-34 having the highest level of support (79% to just 16%).

More information on this poll can be found by clicking here.

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