By Anthony Martinelli

Michigan voters will have the opportunity this November to legalize marijuana, and according to new polling they are poised to do so.

According to a new poll released by Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (their State of the State Survey), 61% of Michigan voters support legalizing marijuana for adults, with 34% undecided (a whopping 27% difference). Just 5% of voters are undecided on the issue, meaning if all 5% decided to oppose the issue supporters would still be in the strong majority.

“Marijuana legalization is the only issue with fewer than 15 percent undecided”, says economics professor Charles Ballard, the director of the State of the State Survey. “Since the marijuana initiative has a large lead with relatively few undecideds, it appears likely that it will pass”.

Although the marijuana initiative has a big lead overall, the support for legalization is starkly different among different age groups. Only 30% of Michiganders aged 65 and over were in favor of legalization, which contrasts with 62% support among those aged 30 to 64 and 80% support from those under the age of 30.

For details on the legalization initiative being voted on this November (unless lawmakers approve it first, which is unlikely), click here.

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