State Sens. Mike Folmer (R) and Daylin Leach (D) took the lead for a second year in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana debate. This year, however, they enjoy the company of 23 senators in sponsoring a bill.

Folmer and Leach held a press conference Tuesday announcing the Medical Cannabis Act (S.B. 3). The state Senate passed a medical marijuana bill last year, but it expired without a hearing in the House. The new bill creates a regulated medical marijuana system in Pennsylvania using the same language approved by a 43-7 floor vote last September.

With a new, receptive governor in office and support in the House, Pennsylvania appears ready for marijuana policy reform.

“There was a whole different feel being at the Capitol,” said Dana Ulrich by phone Wednesday. “It was heartwarming to see other senators standing up there.”

Dana Ulrich and daughter, Lorelei

[Photo courtesy: Campaign for Compassion]

Ulrich (pictured left with daughter, Lorelei) co-founded Campaign for Compassion, a Pennsylvania grassroots organization of parents who want to treat their children with medical cannabis. She gained support through her website — Legalize for Lorelei — where she advocates for her 7-year-old daughter who suffers from severe seizures.

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