A new study just released out of the U.K., and recently published in the Journal of Neurology, has examined the efficacy of the THC/CBD oromucosal spray Sativex on peripheral neuropathic pain (PNP).

The peripheral nervous system connects nerves from the spinal cord and brain to the rest of the body; the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy, or the damaging of these nerves, can be very difficult to treat.

Over the course of 38 weeks, researchers examined 380 patients from all over the world (U.S., U.K., Canada, Czech Republic, Romania and Belgium) suffering from peripheral neuropathic pain associated with diabetes (peripheral neuropathy is the most common side effect of diabetes) or allodynia (allodynia is pain resulting from things that normally shouldn’t cause pain, such as a light touch, mild skin temperatures or normal movement of joints and muscles).

Patients received a THC/CBD oral spray and were asked to report the severity of their neuropathic pain on a scale of 0-10. Overall, the patient group reported a significantly decreased pain rating, beginning with a mean score of 6.9 before using the spray and dropping down to a mean score of 4.2 after use. At least half of all patients reported a 30% improvement in pain at all time points (reviews were conducted at 2, 14, 26 and 38 weeks into the study), and the amount of patients who reported an improvement of 30% or more continued to increase over time, up to 9 months.

Researchers also found improvements in all secondary outcomes of using the oral spray that were examined, including patients’ sleep quality scores, subject global impression of change and EQ-5D questionnaire scores (standardized measurements of health improvement).

The study concludes that, “THC/CBD spray was well tolerated for the study duration and patients did not seek to increase their dose with time, with no new safety concerns arising from long-term use. In this previously difficult to manage patient population, THC/CBD spray was beneficial for the majority of patients with PNP associated with diabetes or allodynia.”

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