This is a repost of a response I made to a Facebook comment. The comment was made questioning once again my knowledge and experience, so I felt obligated to defend myself for the sake of the Collective’s work. Please let this serve as a response to all the doubters especially those already receiving treatment instead of having to suffer with no relief until Realm of Caring is able to harvest the ONE out of THOUSANDS of strains that contain CBD that can be extracted.
I know Realm of Caring is doing great work and my only main criticism is that they are relying on this single strain, when THEY KNOW DAMN WELL that any strain will work. It may not be as cost effective, but my friends, clients and loved ones are suffering and I am trying to provide help!
Research and smoke responsibly or stay out of the debate please.
The way that traditional cannabinoid treatment works is by starting with the lowest possible effective dose. The reason for this is that the science very far behind. We do not know what works best for each person and each condition and may never. The individual makeup including diet of each person has been indicated to affect dosage needs. This oil has not been tested on seizure patients yet, but I can vouch for its treatment of severe pain, insomnia, inflammation and a whole host of other symptoms. 10-20mg of CBD works for me for those symptoms for 6-8 hours when delivered sublingual.
To put it in context, I go through about 1-1.5g of smoked flower per day without the oil. Cannabis tolerance rises and falls based on use. Mine is considered very high because I am often testing new concentrates, which raises my cannabinoid intake and my tolerance along with it.
Versions of the oil with half the CBD of the oil I had made has been tested to be effective for severe pain and insomnia (including, but not limited to my own symptoms) for up to 12 hours with the use of 0.1-0.5 mL of oil on non-recreational users.
My partner is a legitimate scientist and is currently working on his PhD in a plant-based study of Pharmacology at the University of CO, not a clown college. Once I convince patients who were once saying prayers for me that I know what I’m talking about, we can get some real trials done.
It’ll happen soon. 
Normally I would not fiercely defend myself like this, but people have been bringing a lot of negativity into my life and you brought it into my personal thread. Tell whoever you want whatever you want about me, but please don’t bring negativity and ignorant fear to my Facebook posts that are outside of public groups. You are a nurse, so you treat it like a synthetic medicine, but it is a homeopathic remedy. We use the whole plant and all of its benefits.
There is a huge slant that has recently been placed by the media on how great CBD is while not mentioning that most of the studies you’ve heard about being helpful for different conditions (including seizures and cancer) were often done with isolated THC. No CBD was present. The CBD in this oil would not even be half as effective without THC.
You study medical science. We study cannabis science which is barely past it’s infancy and constantly evolving at a rapid rate (check the number of studies alone). 
Your own caution is fine, but I am also working with medical professionals with actual experience with cannabis treatment, not just this one cannabinoid. Watch what you say, please. The government has been purposely lying to us for over half a century. We don’t need any more misinformation given.