You’re out on a first date, everything went well at dinner and you’re standing at the door. That inevitable internal question arises.

No, not the one about whether to kiss your date goodnight, but about whether to ask them in for an after-dinner joint. Will your marijuana use be a shared interest or a night-ender?

Marijuana dating websites may be the answer to avoiding that awkward moment.

A quick search of Google leads to at least a half dozen other websites that promise to help in this area, the two most prominent being and

Marijuana and dating isn’t a completely new concept. Dating sites like OKCupid and Plenty of Fish offer browsing sections for people with marijuana as a similar interest. Other sites like eHarmony have articles online addressing the issue. Now it seems the market for dating cannabis lovers has grown large enough for its own websites.

According to Reuters, boasts over 23,000 members while has registered over 6,200. A medical marijuana user named Larry — a Vietnam War vet from Michigan — talked about how 420Singles made his current relationship much easier to find.

“She lives near me but we wouldn’t know about our shared medical marijuana use if we hadn’t connected on the site because no one discusses pot smoking in my circles,” [Larry] said.

While alcohol is the preferred social lubricant for most adults in America, a member of the site identified as Corey from Missouri explained how the dating scene is different for marijuana users.

“Smokers come from all walks of life but they tend to chill back,” [Corey] says. “When I go out with buddies who get wasted on alcohol, it can be embarrassing. With my cannabis-smoking pals, we relax and let the creativity unroll.”

Both websites have reportedly had interest from investors and memberships are growing. Have you been looking for love on eHarmony or and just finding too many 420-intolerant dates? Maybe this is your chance for a change.

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