By Anthony Martinelli

Maine’s House of Representatives has voted to override a governor’s veto of legislation that would lead to the full implementation of a marijuana legalization law passed by voters in 2016.

Just a few days ago Governor LePage’s vetoed, for the second time, legislation that would have established a regulated system for legal marijuana cultivation and sales, in line with what voters approved in 2016. However, this time it looks like state legislators are taking the issue out of LePage’s hands by overriding his veto (something possible with a 2/3rds majority). The House of Representatives voted 109 to 39 today to override LePage’s veto of LD 1719

The legislation, which must now receive a 2/3rds vote in the Senate before it can become law, would establish a system of licensed marijuana retail outlets, authorized to sell the plant to anyone 21 and older. Recreational marijuana would be taxed at 20%, while medical cannabis would continue to be taxed at 5.5% for flower and 8% for edibles.

In Maine, thanks to an initiative passed in 2016 which took effect in January, 2017, the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis is legal for those 21 and older, as is the personal cultivation of up to 12 plants.

[Update: By a vote of 28 to 6, Maine’s Senate has now also voted to override Governor LePage’s veto of LD 1719.]

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