December 14, 2013 
(Day One)
5:35 PM- I just chatted with some great guys from The Lazy Lion in Colorado Springs. It sounds like a really nice member-based social club. They really got my attention when they said that they show the MMA PPV events. I know where I’ll be next event!
They had some oil from a fellow vendor. It was called Cherry Pie and it gave me such an amazing high. I walked around outside even though my back has been bothering me. It’s like heaven here. The next event I go to has a lot to live up to so far. Check out some Cherry Pie Colorado-style!


4:55 PM- Did a dab at 4:20. That was fun. I’ve been talking to some really great people. There are free dabs of world class oil everywhere. What a great event. A rapper named Erik Evans is on stage now amping up the crowd and I love his vibe.


4:12 PM- Just read a copy of the petition that Aisis is circulating in Florida. Details later but I like the looks of it so far. Here’s a look at the crowd. It’s a very chill environment here.


3:57 PM- Got to the event finally. Small complication getting in, but the guy running it, Daniel, made sure it was taken care of quick. Did my first dab of the day. Sour Flight from Curbside Concentrates. It was pretty nice. Take a look.


1:12 PM- Not a very interesting update, but I am at the bank. Headed to the event soon. Stay tuned.

10:54 AM (Denver, CO)- Good morning, Cannabis Community! I will be attending The Secret Cup National Finals event today and tomorrow here in Denver. I am currently writing an article on a guy named Zen Mann, who is the Executive Director of Aisis, Inc., a non-profit organization helping people in Florida, and a vendor at the event. I’m spending the day today shadowing Zen, who is already over there setting up the booth he has with a friend of his who owns a Kettle Corn company. They teamed up with a couple of other members of the Florida cannabis community to drive all the way here for the event.

Since I will be spending most of the day there for background, I thought it would be a good idea to do a live blog. I will try to update at least once every half hour as time allows. Updates may be short or delayed depending on the craziness of the event, but I will definitely be live blogging the awards tonight. The awards presentation is at 7pm local time (6pm PST/9pm EST).

If you are at the event today, come on over to the Aisis, Inc./Big Kahuna Kettle Corn tent and say hi. Richard, Bre, Zen, Kahuna and I would all love to meet you. Have a great Saturday!