I figured I should update people who read my blog and might be concerned, I’m currently in the Emergency Room again. I’m not in pain, but my tremors got dramatically more violent and throughout my whole body instead of just my hands. After ruling out everything I could think of, I decided to go the the ER.

I’m really hoping that the meds have been masking an actual neurological condition that people have actually heard of. But it’s more likely just an anxiety attack or something. I’ll update again when I know more.
Anyone reading this that knows my family, don’t contact them please. My parents are on vacation and don’t need to be bothered. Let’s just keep this between us.

Edit- Update: I’m back home and feeling okay. No official diagnosis was given, but they think it is an acute stress reaction (only in the body, cuz I was cool the whole time) combined with long-term prescription use. Bottom line, I’m all good.