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By Jeffrey Logan, Verdant Detox

Are you in the process of getting a new job and dreading the pre-employment drug screening? You’re not alone. Testing for marijuana is an unfortunate reality for many of us and the process is never fun (even if you’re clean). To assist you and calm your nerve’s we put together a short but comprehensive overview of drug testing and how to pass them. Specifically, we addressed how to pass a urinalysis screen since it’s the most common type of testing performed (accounting for approximately 75% of all pre-employment drug tests).

THC in Your System

The biggest question everyone has when they find out they have to take a drug test is “how long will THC be in my system”. The short answer is that it’s different for everyone. According to most experts, the amount of time marijuana stays in your system is anywhere from a week to a month. Important factors included in the equation are:

  1. Frequency and quantity of use;
  2. Rate of metabolism and eating habits.

THC metabolites are stored in fat and released through the body’s excretion systems (urine, “Number 2” and sweat). Speeding the body’s excretion systems up are the most natural ways to remove THC from the system.

4 Weeks until Test

If you have 4 weeks or more until your test then in most cases you won’t need to do anything out of the ordinary other than quit smoking. If you’re in generally good health then your body should naturally metabolize the THC from your system. That being said, if you feel the need to take extra precautions, we’d recommend following the steps from the section below.

3 Weeks until Test

If you have 3 weeks until your test then in most cases you can still pass naturally as long as you’re following habits that would ensure the THC in your system is metabolized. These include:

  1. Eat a ketogenic diet; it forces the body to metabolize fat which is where THC is stored. This is in contrast to a glycosis state, where blood glucose (sugar) provides most of the energy.
  2. Drink at the very least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day; this will help flush your system as well as assist you in maintaining a healthy metabolism.
  3. Drink green tea; like water, this will lower THC levels through its diuretic properties and make an individual urinate a lot which technically washes out the kidneys.
  4. Exercise and hit the sauna, steam-room and or Jacuzzi; all of these will speed up your metabolic rate and remove THC from your system quicker.

2 Weeks until Test

If you have 2 weeks until your test then you’ll want to start looking at detox products as well as following the guidance provided in the section above. Currently on the market there are some reputable herbal detox kit’s that are gentle on the body. Although there isn’t much scientific evidence to support these products, the logic behind their blends makes sense in aiding the body in removing THC metabolites.

1 Week until Test

If you have 1 week until your test then you’ll want purchase a detox kit. We recommend the Verdant THC Detox Kit. Verdant Herbals has a safe and reliable 48 detox kit that contains ingredients found in most diets (vitamin B and creatine).

24 Hours until Test

Although we’d never recommend waiting until you have 24 hours until a drug test to prepare for it to look for detoxing options, there are some available. The majority of these are fairly harsh drinks that mask the fact that THC is in your system. The risks associated with these are that they don’t actually remove THC from your system but hide it and sometimes the lab can tell or will need to retake the test since it was skewed.

Remember it’s all about frequency of use and rate of metabolism. Take time to prepare and passing a drug test shouldn’t be hard for anyone. Good luck everyone!

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