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Vapes are fast turning out to be one of the go-to method for consuming and enjoying dry herb. There are obvious advantages that have helped them rapidly climb to prominence. The most obvious feature is that vaporizers are a great option for those of you who care for your health. This is because all the nasty toxins and chemicals that are released by combustion when smoking are completely filtered out thanks to the unique heating system that vapes use. Not only this but vapes are also great for those of you who want to get the very most out of your herb. Vaporization is much more efficient with your herb than combustion, and you’ll find that your herb will go much further in a vape, you can be sure that none of it will go up in smoke.

Vaporizers work by cleverly taking advantage of the various boiling points of the active ingredients present in your dry herb. These active ingredients are a type of chemical known as cannabinoids. These chemicals begin to vaporize far below the temperature at which combustion occurs. This means that all of the psychoactive, medicinal, and other beneficial effects are all drawn out of your dry herb while all the nasty chemicals, toxins, and nasty tastes are all left behind.

It goes without saying that the higher quality the vaporizer the higher the quality of the resulting vapor; and the better the quality of your vapor the more enjoyment you get from your herb. If you want the best quality herb you can get then it is important that you invest in a high-quality vaporizer.

There are many factors to think of when you are choosing a good vaporizer, and even within a single brand name there can be a massive amount of variety. Every seemingly minor difference within a vaporizer can lead to a very different vape experience.

Arizer are one of the most diverse brands on the market, Arizer have ticked nearly every box when it comes to the vape market. They have dabbled in every type of vaporizer from portable, to handheld, and even desktop. As an example, they are ideal as they have a common baseline.

Portable Verses Desktop

The two primary types of vaporizers on the market are desktop and portable. Though both types of vape operate on the same principles of vaping they differ greatly in the systems they use.

The main advantages of a portable vapes, a good example of which is the the Arizer Solo II, is portability (funny, that). It features a lightweight and discreet body and a long-life battery that will allow you to use it uninterrupted when you’re away from home. However due to the Solo II’s portable nature some sacrifices had to be made in the vapor potency and quality when you compare it to a desktop vape.

The Arizer Extreme Q is a great example of a desktop vape. It’s stationary nature means that there is more space inside the Extreme Q for larger, more advanced heating systems. The heating systems inside the Extreme Q are a lot more powerful and effective than the ones found inside portable vapes. So you can certainly expect more potent, quality vapor and a larger amount of it too! Because it is mains operated you can expect much longer, uninterrupted sessions that you can enjoy with friends. Of course, the desktop vaporizer achieves all of this at the cost of portability

Conduction Versus Convection

The two most common heating techniques vapes use are known as conduction and convection. Conduction vaping is often found in portable vaporizers like the Arizer Solo. Conduction is a heating method that puts your herb directly in contact with the vape’s heating element, heating it directly, much in the same way that a kitchen stove works. The advantages of conduction include super-fast heat up times, and increased power efficiency. Unfortunately, conduction can often struggle if the temperature is set too high or if the vape’s chamber is over-packed.

Convection vaping heats air inside your vape and allows it to flow across your dry herb in the vapor chamber. Convection is usually utilized within desktop vapes, some more modern, high end portable vapes like the Arizer Air II have built in convection heating. Conduction vaporization offers amazing flavour and thick, powerful vapor quality.


There are dozens more variations that can be found in a huge variety of vaporizers during this holiday season, even within a single brand such as Arizer. Aroma tubes, glass air paths, and even some more exotic features like the Arizer Extreme Q’s remote control.

As you select your own vaporizer, you should be sure to keep in mind that the smallest variation can lead to a vastly different vaping experience!

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