By Anthony Martinelli

Legislation to legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and older has been unanimously passed by its initial committee in Hawaii’s Legislature.

Hawaii Senate Bill 686 was introduced by Senator Kalani English (D) along with 11 cosponsors. According to its official summary, the measure “Legalizes the personal use, possession, and sale of marijuana in a specified quantity” and “Requires licensing to operate marijuana establishments”.

The measure sets the possession limit at one ounce. It would also allow for the personal cultivation of six marijuana plants, up to three of which can be mature. In addition, the measure establishes a licensed and regulated system of marijuana businesses.

The measure will now moves towards a vote by the full House of Representatives. Passage in the House will send it to the Senate. If also passed by the Senate, it will be sent to Governor David Ige for consideration.

For the full text of Senate Bill 686, click here.

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