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When deciding on a new vaporizer it can be extremely difficult to choose which one to buy. Today there are just so many available and deciding on a vaporizer that will perform as well as you want it to can be a strenuous enterprise. That’s why today we’re going to show you two vaporizers from a company that delivers a quality vaporizer each and every time.

Flowermate Technology is a company devoted to bringing the very best in vaping technology to their customers at affordable prices. Each one of their units is designed to be practical and create an unparalleled experience to other units in the industry. The Flowermate V5 Pro and the Flowermate V5 Mini are just of their units that live up to this bold mission statement.


The V5 Pro

The Flowermate V5 Pro is a wonderful choice in a vaporizer for absolutely anyone. Flowermate designed it with an eye towards simplicity and that’s just what they achieved. It’s easy to use and perfectly suitable for a first timer and would be no problem for someone with previous experience. There are just three buttons on the body of the vaporizer. One main button to powers the unit on or off and two other buttons adjust the temperature incrementally.

Incremental Heating

Controlling heat settings is of the utmost importance for any vaporizer. And by using the two smaller buttons on the Flowermate V5 Pro you can shift the temperature in tiny 1-degree increments. This level of control is what sets this vaporizer beyond others on the market. Plus, there is almost no chance of combustion, which is always a good thing.

The materials Flowermate utilize in their designs are also top of the range. Every vaporizer is made from high-quality materials. The heating chamber is entirely constructed from ceramic your material will always be evenly heated. The mouthpiece is made from Pyrex, a quality glass material that won’t build a residue. So your vapor will stay smoother for longer. And lastly, the body itself is aluminum making it a durable and long-lasting vaporizer.

The V5 Mini

The Flowermate V5 Mini takes all of the very best elements of the V5 Pro and puts it into an fantastically mobile design. Including the borosilicate glass stem and the ceramic heating chamber. Both the Pro and the Mini are extremely portable but the Mini wears its portability like a badge of honor. It doesn’t have the same level of control as the Pro in terms of heating but it does have three powerful presets that are sure to provide powerful vapor. And on the lower end, it can actually perform much better than the V5 Pro.

It’s worth noting, too, that both of these units come with wax/concentrate pods. So whichever material you prefer you can vape away in no time.

Convection vs Hybrid

The Flowermate V5 Pro heats its herbs using convection heating. This kind of heating is preferred by a lot of vapers, probably because its used by some of the best. But also because there is little risk of combusting your herb. It evenly heats your herbs and gives you the smoothest flavor available. But the Mini uses a hybrid heating system, which is a mixture of both the convection and the conduction heating systems. The Mini Pro features a ceramic heating chamber along with a borosilicate glass stem. This combination always results in the best flavors and vapor production.

Battery Life

Battery life is also something that needs to be really considered when investing in a new vaporizer. Some of the dry herb vaporizers on the smaller end of the spectrum can often have poor battery life or run out quickly when used at higher settings. The V5 doesn’t display these kinds of faults. The V5 Pro comes with two premium quality 18650 batteries. This will give you an unbelievable two and a half hours of battery time. For a vaporizer that’s so compact, this is really remarkable.

The Mini is, naturally enough, not as powerful as its bigger sibling but it’s still pretty good. After a charge time of around two to three hours, you can expect the battery to last you around 75 minutes. This is fantastic for a vaporizer of this size and really great for any vaporizer at all.

So What’ll It Be?

Both the Flowermate V5 Pro and the Flowermate V5 Mini are crafted in such a way that they are simple to use, easy to maintain, and will always provide you with the very best vapor. They’re also perfect for beginners as well as intermediate or advanced users. There is pretty much no learning curve. Just load in your dry herb and you’re ready to go.

Flowermate engineered two truly unique and dynamic vaporizers that, thanks to some solid manufacturing choices, will last for a long time to come. Overall the scales probably tip a little in favor of the Pro due to its increased power and the innovative incremental temperature settings. But these plusses also account for extra size and weight, which could be a deciding factor for you. Whichever vaporizer you’re more inclined towards you’re going to make a great choice.

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