If they weren’t scared of their own constituents, proponents for the War on Drugs would admit that one of the reasons they won’t let it go is because it creates jobs. Tell people they can’t do something just because you don’t like it and of course they’ll break the law. A government should protect its people, not victimize them.

So, of course, “upstanding” citizens want these lawbreakers (no matter how arbitrary the law is) out of their communities. Unless it’s their kids. More money to law enforcement, creation of new departments like the DEA, creating more ways for enemies of America to make money by exploiting a law that will never end the cycle of drug use, drug abuse and jail time.

Taking away people’s rights makes them even more apt to not care about breaking the law. What do they have to lose after the first drug arrest on their record? With the stigma the government fosters to keep those “drug offenders” in line, you might as well hand them a gun and tell them to find their own way when you let them out. That’s the message that sinks in eventually anyway.

This is my Sunday plea. End the War on Drugs. There are no winners. It’s as senseless as many Middle East conflicts and yet we don’t see the hypocrisy in judging them.

The Drug War is a war of attrition. It is a war on minorities, addicts and poor people to keep them out of sight. There are no victors in this war. Only victims. #EndDrugWarNow