This post was written in March, 2014. An updated version of the article now exists. Click for the 2015 version: Do you qualify for a marijuana job?

Is it your dream to work with cannabis legally? The legal cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace in Colorado due to the legalization of recreational cannabis going into effect on January 1. O.penVAPE, maker of oil vaporizer pens and the hash oil cartridges that go in them, sponsored a cannabis job fair which they dubbed CannaSearch on March 13.

According to an email from Todd Mitchem, O.penVAPE’s Chief Revenue Officer and Spokesperson, CannaSearch boasted 15 cannabis companies offering a total of 150 jobs on the spot. Jobs varied widely from budtenders and trimmers to managers and master growers. Jobs that have nothing to do with cannabis, like bookkeepers and receptionists, were also filled that day.

If cannabis is your dream and you want to go after it, we will tell you how to get in on the ground floor of a booming industry.

This is part one of the Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry series; finding out if you qualify for your Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) issued Occupational Support License (commonly known as your “badge”) in the state of Colorado. Part two will walk you through the application process. Your badge will allow you to work in a cannabis dispensary or any other businesses dealing directly with cannabis products. In the third and final part, the experts who already work in the industry will tell you how to get a job.

Part 1: Do You Qualify?