Please forgive me if I don’t respond to personal messages for the next few days. Denver is going crazy with the first day of recreational marijuana sales tomorrow. I’ll be covering The Black & White New Year’s Eve Gala Fundraiser at Casselman’s tonight. Many thanks to The Hemp Connoisseur for granting me a media pass.

I’ll probably be leaving the event right after the toast at midnight so that I can help out Weed Cup Magazine with some “man on the street” interviews of recreational consumers early tomorrow morning.

Jane West, the owner of Edible Events Co., has also organized a media tour including a tour of O.Pen Vape Headquarters and visits to a few dispensaries and grow houses. My thanks to Jane for allowing me to attend.

O.PenVAPE/Organa Labs issued a press release yesterday explaining how they are working to have their innovative product licensed and sold by responsible partners in all 20 states with legal cannabis laws. In a statement, Executive VP for Corporate Development, Todd Mitchem said,

“Affiliated licensees will also get access to a huge selection of new products, oil production secrets and assistance with their states’ regulations.  There is no other cannabis-related product company that can claim that.”

Their stated commitment to quality is something I look forward to seeing more of from the legal cannabis industry in the coming year. I hope to speak with them more about their product.

I’ll be updating the blog and its Facebook page with content from events I am covering in the coming days. Keep an eye out and have a great and safe New Years!