Written by Skyler Cannabaceae

An open letter was published today by the owners and organizers of Cannabition.com, a website set up to disseminate information about the planned Cannabition 2014 event in Denver. The letter explained that the NORAD Club, which was the venue for the event’s celebration party, had received notification from the City of Denver that the event is off.

The following is an except from the letter the owners of the NORAD Club received from the City of Denver:

“We provide you with this letter to dissuade you from hosting the event;
however, if you go forward, we will exercise any and all options available to the City of Denver to halt the event and hold the business owners responsible for violations of law. We are also ready to hold individual attendees responsible for
violations of City ordinances prohibiting public consumption of marijuana.”

The event was billed as a gathering to celebrate the recreational marijuana laws that take effect in Colorado as of January 1. Organizers had this to say of the event, “A group of responsible adults should be able to celebrate the historic opening of retail marijuana stores on Jan 1, 2014 – in private – in a way that isn’t public to the 85% of the adult population who don’t consume cannabis, while also giving the 15% of adults who do choose cannabis the ability to lawfully celebrate together.”

It appears that the City of Denver is not interested in celebrating the history their state is making. Organizers have cancelled the event for fear of prosecution and because, according to the open letter on Cannabition.com, “if we can’t be sure that we are following the law then this becomes just another pot party.” They are encouraging would-be attendees to go out and visit the newly legal recreational marijuana stores opening on January 1.