Gary Johnson, former two-term governor of New Mexico and 2012 presidential candidate, is adding another position to his resume: Cannabis Mogul.

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. appointed Johnson as its new President and CEO on June 30. The Nevada-based company plans to sell cannabis-infused lozenges designed by activist Steve Kubby. Kubby joined Cannabis Sativa as its Chairman of the Board at the same time as Johnson’s move. The deal that led to the new management included Cannabis Sativa buying Kubby’s company KUSH and the related patents and research.

Publicly traded stock in Cannabis Sativa has jumped from $4.00 per share before the leadership change was announced on June 30 to $10 per share as of end of business, August 18. Johnson agreed to the job with a salary of $1/year, but received stock in the new company. So far, that deal looks to be paying off for Johnson.

THC interviewed the former governor by phone on July 17. He told us about the new company, how the cannabis industry is changing the world for the better and peaceful civil disobedience as a means for change.

This article was originally published by The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine.