Month: June 2014

20ish Questions with Tommy Chong

In 2012, Tommy Chong announced during a CNN interview that he had prostate cancer. He made headlines again when, about a year later, he posted on a cannabis website that he is cancer-free and it is thanks to his treatment with high doses of cannabis oil. Chong is best known for being one half of “Cheech & Chong,” the stoner comedy duo that includes Richard “Cheech” Marin. Together, the comedians made 12 movies and seven comedy albums from 1971 to 1990. The first movie, “Up in Smoke” turned these funny stoners into cannabis counterculture icons. Now there’s talk of...

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Too Much, Too Soon: Don’t Rush It With Cannabis Infused Edibles

  “I have seen firsthand what happens when you don’t start small. The vomiting and disorientation,” said Wayward Bill, a cannabis tour guide for Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours. Wayward Bill deals with the problem of over-consumption of cannabis products on a regular basis. With tourists and visitors coming from around the country to be immersed in the great cannabis culture of Colorado, it is important to remember that most of the country is not so experienced with cannabis. National polls show that not only are people in favor of legalizing cannabis, but that many have used it themselves....

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A Sour Note: Denver Challenges CSO Cannabis Series

You’ve just consumed a cannabis treat, smoked a bowl, or did a dab. The orchestra revs up and starts playing a beautiful piece to take you away to a world of music, far from your worries and cares. You immerse yourself in the music with the assistance of cannabis and the orchestra gains another patron. That was the idea when the Colorado Symphony Orchestra collaborated with the cannabis industry. Cannabis users know that music sounds better with a little THC. The CSO used this knowledge to make its first foray into the world of cannabis with their unique “bring-your-own-cannabis” series,...

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