Month: January 2014

Ask Skyler: The Efficacy of Cannabinoid Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy

by Skyler Cannabaceae I recently had a (sort of?) fan on Facebook ask me what I know about the treatment of diabetic neuropathy with cannabis. Here is what he said: Post from Phil on The Cannabis Salvation Blog FB Page Before I was a cannabis journalist and before I started working with organizations, I was a private caregiver on the East Coast. The Cannabis Salvation Collective (CSC) was started because my clients were often not able to afford their cannabis medicine and I knew that many people who are very sick would have a tough time as well. I knew that I would not be able to afford to help more people if it were just me, so I founded the CSC to help everyone who was in pain or suffering from any medical condition that I knew cannabis could help in safely getting what they need so they would not be sitting in pain like I was before cannabis. Ed Rosenthalpicture from his commercial site,Quick Trading Company For a while now, I have not had time to do much research, something that used to be some of the most enjoyable times for me. I thought about Ed Rosenthal, legendary grower and the author of “Ask Ed”; a column in High Times magazine where horticulturalists growing cannabis wrote in with questions and Ed would answer them. Ed’s advice proved...

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Josh Stanley narrates a question of compassion, video tribute to late activist Peter McWilliams

Written by Skyler Cannabaceae On June 14, 2000, the national medical cannabis movement lost a great proponent. Best-selling self-help author, Peter McWilliams, 50, died on that day. He died needlessly as a victim of the War on Drugs. When Peter was diagnosed with AIDS and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in March, 1996, he did not swear off all Western medicinal treatment and turn only to cannabis. He continued with the medical advice that his doctors provided and the treatments recommended to prolong his life. Owner of No Excuses Entertainment, TL Weed By all accounts, Peter’s medical treatments were largely successful, but they came at a cost. When the side effects from the chemotherapy treatments caused Peter to have such severe nausea that he was vomiting the medicine that he was being given, he turned to medical cannabis for its medicinal benefits. He quickly found that cannabis helped his nausea and improved his quality of life. He became a very outspoken activist for the plant’s legalization. According to an article written by Fred E. Folvary in 2002, Peter’s cause of death was asphyxiation (lack of oxygen by suffocation). He was found in his bath tub having choked to death on his own vomit while following the conditions of his bail and not using medical cannabis. The bail conditions, which also included $250,000 bond, stemmed from a conviction for conspiracy to possess, manufacture...

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CO cannabis entrepreneur responds to angry NY tourist; extends invite to next cannabis event

By Skyler Cannabaceae Denver cannabis entrepreneur, Jane West, owner of the recreational event company, Edible Events Co., responded to an angry New York woman who recently complained about she and her son having to hear people in line for the slopes at Vail Ski Resort discussing cannabis. Logo of Edible Events Co. In an open letter to Vail Resorts and republished in the Vail Daily, Christine Arakelian of New York complained that “my son and I were exposed to numerous conversations on buses, gondola rides and restaurants related to recreational drug use.” She went on to insult cannabis consumers, saying they “reek” of marijuana even though they are confined to smoking in private. West seemed to take issue (as did many others according to numerous posts on Facebook and Twitter) with the broad generalization that the New York tourist went on to make. In her letter, Arakelian stated, “The people who live this type of lifestyle can’t afford to support resorts like Vail that frankly cater to a demographic more like my own, and candidly, you don’t get to be successful by engaging in this type of lifestyle.” It’s unclear as to whether anyone asked her how she believed the people outside of her “demographic” paid for their own entrance to the popular resort if their lifestyle prevents them from affording it. West defended her company and industry, responding in...

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