Month: October 2013

An Update on My Personal Life

Hey guys! Sorry I have not been posting very often in the past week or so. A lot has been going on and I have been very busy with picking up new patients (which I am loving) and trying to help them. I’m just going to use this post to let you know what’s going on. First off, I was approved for my apartment in Delaware. I move in on November 1st. I am really excited about it because it will only be the second time I have lived outside of my parents’ house. The first was a disaster because of my general apathy toward life, but I am extremely hopeful for this time. I went to the Lancaster Hemp Harvest rally yesterday and will be posting an article about it probably tomorrow morning. It was a great time, I loved the speakers, I hope they do it more often and that I can keep going. More about that tomorrow. One of the big reasons I have not been posting is because I am working on some freelance pieces so that I can try to make money other than disability, so that I can get off of disability and live my life. Understandably, these take up a lot of time. Researching and writing well are harder than they sound and I can’t just write blog posts like this if...

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Who You Should Be Blaming for the Refusal to End Cannabis Prohibition (it’s not the Supreme Court)

I keep seeing tweets and Facebook posts today about the Supreme Court refusing to make the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) review and reclassify marijuana as something other than a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (CSA). I believe as much as the next activist that the classification is bullshit and it needs to be changed. I also think that it is good propaganda for the cause and a useful tool to get people fired up by giving them someone to blame who doesn’t defend themselves. But at the end of the day, I always come back to the importance of truth in reporting. First of all, let’s be clear. The Court did not deny the writ of certiorari (a fancy and Latin way of saying a request for a case to be heard) because they looked at it and said we don’t want to help these stoners. According to (the Court’s official website), the court receives around 10,000 of these writs per year. They only have the time to hear about 75-80. The Supreme Court did not single out this case, look at the merits and say we don’t feel like listening to this one because we don’t agree with the politics. When the media says the appeal was declined, what they actually mean is that the Court’s new term started and they just published their...

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In the ER Once Again

I figured I should update people who read my blog and might be concerned, I’m currently in the Emergency Room again. I’m not in pain, but my tremors got dramatically more violent and throughout my whole body instead of just my hands. After ruling out everything I could think of, I decided to go the the ER. I’m really hoping that the meds have been masking an actual neurological condition that people have actually heard of. But it’s more likely just an anxiety attack or something. I’ll update again when I know more. Anyone reading this that knows my family, don’t contact them please. My parents are on vacation and don’t need to be bothered. Let’s just keep this between us. Edit- Update: I’m back home and feeling okay. No official diagnosis was given, but they think it is an acute stress reaction (only in the body, cuz I was cool the whole time) combined with long-term prescription use. Bottom line, I’m all...

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